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Quantum materials and devices group


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130. Electrical readout of spins in the absence of spin blockade
Felix-Ekkehard von Horstig, Lorenzo Peri, Sylvain Barraud, Jason W.A. Robinson, Monica Benito, Frederico Martins, M Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba (2024)


129. Enhanced triplet proximity effect in superconducting spin-orbit coupled spin valves with modified superconductor/ferromagnet interface
A Bregazzi, J Ouassou, A Coveney, N Stelmashenko, A Child, A N’Diaye4, JWA Robinson, F Dejene, J Linder, N Banerjee
To apper in APL (2024)


128. Multi-module microwave assembly for fast read-out and charge noise characterization of silicon quantum dots
Felix-Ekkehard von Horstig, David J Ibberson, Giovanni A Oakes, Laurence Cochrane, Nadia Stelmashenko, Sylvain Barraud, Jason WA Robinson, Frederico Martins, M Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba
arXiv:2304.13442 (2024)
To be appear in Physical Review Applied (2024) 


127. Non-reciprocal Pauli Spin Blockade in a Silicon Double Quantum Dot
T Lundberg, D Ibberson, J Li, L Hutin, J Abadillo-Uriel, M Filippone, B Bertrand, A Nunnenkamp, C-M Lee, N Stelmashenko, JWA Robinson, M Vinet, L Ibberson, Y-M Niquet, MF Gonzalez-Zalba
arXiv:2110.09842 (2024)
npj Quantum Information 10 , 28 (2024)

126. Colloquium: Spin-orbit effects in superconducting hybrid structures
M Amundsen*, J Linder*, JWA Robinson*, I Žutić, N Banerjee*
arXiv: 2210.03549 
To appear in Reviews of Modern Physics (Colloquium) (2024)


125. Quantized conductance in hybrid split-gate arrays of superconducting quantum point contacts with semiconducting two-dimensional electron systems
Kaveh Delfanazari, Jiahui Li, Yusheng Xiong, Pengcheng Ma, Reuben K. Puddy, Teng Yi, Ian Farrer, Sachio Komori, Jason W.A. Robinson, Llorenc Serra, David A. Ritchie, Michael J. Kelly, Hannah J. Joyce, and Charles G. Smith
Physical Review Applied 21, 014051 (2024)

124. Large-scale on-chip integration of gate-voltage addressable hybrid superconductor-semiconductor quantum wells field effect nano-switch arrays
K Delfanazari, J Li, P Ma, R Puddy, T Yi, T Xioang, I Farrer, S Komori, JWA Robinson, D Ritchie, M Kelly, H Joyce, C Smith
Advanced Electronic Materials 2300453 (2024)


123. Direct observation of a superconducting vortex diode
A Gutfreund, H Matsuki, V Plastovets, A Noah, L Gorzawski, N Fridman, G Yang, A Buzdin, O Millo, JWA Robinson*, Yonathan Anahory*
arxiv: 2301.07121
Nature Communications 14, 1630 (2023)


122. Superconducting Vortices Made Without Magnetic Fields
Niladri Banerjee & Jason WA Robinson
Physics 16, 47 (2023)


121. Short Note on the Observation of Ambient Condition Room Temperature Superconductivity in Nitrogen‑Doped Lutetium Hydride
V. P. S. Awana, I Felner, S Ovchinnikov, JWA Robinson
Journal of Superconductivity and Novel Magnetism (2023)


120. Memristor-like behavior and negative resistance in a superconductor / insulator/ferromagnet device with a pinhole-governed interfaces  
G Bauer, M Ozeri, MS Anwar, N Stelmashenko, S Yochelis, M Cuoco, JWA Robinson*, Y Paltiel*, O Millo*
Superconductor Science and Technology 36 085015 (2023)


119. Controlling spin pumping into superconducting Nb by proximity-induced spin-triplet Cooper pairs
Alex K. Chan, Murat Cubukcu, Xavier Montiel, Sachio Komori, Alexander Vanstone, Juliet E. Thompson, Garry K. Perkins, Mark Blamire, Jason WA. Robinson, Matthias Eschrig, Hidekazu Kurebayashi, Lesley F. Cohen
arXiv:2202.01520 (2023)
Communication Physics 6, 287 (2023)


118. Author Correction: Spontaneous superconducting diode effect in non-magnetic Nb/Ru/Sr2RuO4 topological junctions
MS Anwar, T Nakamura, R Ishiguro, S Arif, JWA Robinson, S Yonezawa, M Sigrist, Y Maeno
Communication Physics 6, 336 (2023)


117. Spontaneous superconducting diode effect in non-magnetic Nb/Ru/SRO topological junctions
MS Anwar, T Nakamura, R Ishiguro, S Arif, JWA Robinson, S Yonezawa, M Sigrist, Y Maeno
arxiv:2211.14626 (2023)
Communication Physics 6, 290 (2023)


116. Multiple Andreev reflections in topological Josephson junctions with chiral Majorana modes
Linde AB Olde Olthof, Stijn de Wit, Shu-Ichiro Suzuki, Inanc Adagideli, Jason WA Robinson, Alexander Brinkman
Physical Review B 107, 184510 (2023)


115. Modification of weak localization in metallic thin films due to adsorption of chiral molecules
Ml Ozeri, J Xu, G Bauer, LAB Olde Olthof, G Kimbell, A Wittmann, S Yochelis, J Fransson, JWA Robinson*, Yossi Paltiel*, Oded Millo*
Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 14, 4941−4948 (2023)


114. Fast High-Fidelity Single-Shot Readout of Spins in Silicon Using a Single-Electron Box
GA Oakes, VN Ciriano-Tejel, DF Wise, MA Fogarty, T Lundberg, C Lainé, S Schaal, F Martins, DJ Ibberson, L Hutin, B Bertrand, N Stelmashenko, JWA Robinson, L Ibberson, A Hashim, I Siddiqi, A Lee, M Vinet, CG Smith, JJL Morton, MF Gonzalez-Zalba
Physical Review X 13, 011023 (2023)


113. Concurrent weak localization and double Schottky barrier across a grain boundary in bicrystal SrTiO3
M Egilmez, S El-Khatib, F Mustafa, S Ahmad, A Di Bernardo, JWA Robinson
Physical Review B 107, 104401 (2023


112. An optimized scheme for detecting magneto-optic effects in ultrathin films with Sagnac interferometry
Xiangdong Zhu, Eun Kyo Ko, Graham Kimbell, Jason WA Robinson
AIP Review of Scientific Instruments 93, 093101 (2022)


111. Thermal annealing enhancement of Josephson critical currents in ferromagnetic CoFeB
S Komori, J Thompson, G Yang, G Kimbell, N Stelmashenko, M Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review Applied 17, L021002 (2022)


110. Crossover from weak antilocalization to weak localization in inkjet-printed TiCTx MXene thin-films printed TiCTx MXene thin-films
Mi-Jin Jin*, Doo-Seung Um, O Ogbeide, Chang-Il Kim, J-W Yoo, JWA Robinson* 
Advances in Nano Research 13,  259-267 (2022)


109. Polycrystalline NbRe superconducting films deposited by dc-magnetron sputtering
C Cirillo, M Caputo, G Divitini, JWA Robinson, C Attanasio
Thin Solid Films 758, 139450 (2022)


108. Challenges in identifying chiral spin textures via the topological Hall effect
G. Kimbell, C Kim, W Wu, M Cuoco, JWA Robinson*
Communications Materials 3, 1-18 (2022)


107. Parametric amplifiers based on quantum dots
L Cochrane, T Lundberg, D Ibberson, L Ibberson, L Hutin, B Bertrand, N Stelmashenko, JWA Robinson, M Vinet, A Seshia, MF Gonzalez-Zalba 
Physical Review Letters 128, 197701 (2022) 


106. Competition between the superconductor proximity effect and quasiparticle spin-decay in superconducting spin-valves
B Stoddart-Stones, X Montiel, M Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Research Data
Communication Physics 5, 224 (2022) 

105. Enhanced Superconductivity of Sr₂RuO₄ and La2-xSrxCuO₄ Thin Films by Atomic-Scale Interface Engineering
C Cirillo, A Leo, F Urban, H Bradshaw, E Ponticorvo, M Sarno, JWA Robinson, A Nigro, C Attanasio,
한국자기학회 학술연구발표회 논문개요집 31, 37 (2022)


104. Role of disorder on the superconducting proximity effect in a-NdNi/Nb bilayers
C Cirillo, A Leo, F Urban, H Bradshaw, E Ponticorvo, M Sarno, JWA Robinson, A Nigro, C Attanasio,
Physical Review B 104, 214509 (2021)


103. Superconductivity in Ti67Zr19Nb11.5Sn2.5 Shape Memory Alloy
M Egilmez, O Battal, W Abuzaid, Z Salman, M Alkhader, M Nishida, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review Materials 5, 074802 (2021)


102. Controllable enhancement of p-wave superconductivity via magnetic coupling to a conventional superconductor 
Linde AB Olde Olthof, LG Johnsen, JWA Robinson*, J Linder
Physical Review Letters 127, 267001 (2021)

101. Spin-orbit coupling suppression and singlet-state blocking of spin-triplet Cooper pairs
S Komori, J Devine-Stoneman, K Ohnishi, G Yang, Z Devizorova, S Mironov, X Montiel, LAB Olde Olthof, LF Cohen, H Kurebayashi, MG Blamire, AI Buzdin, JWA Robinson*



100. Universal proximity effects in hybrid superconductor–linker molecule–nanoparticle systems: The effect of molecular chirality
M Periyasamy, H Bradshaw, N Sukenik, H Alpern, S Yochelis, JWA Robinson, O Millo, Y Paltiel
Applied Physics Letters 117, 242601 (2021)


99. Temperature dependence of the interface spin Seebeck effect
F Kholid, D Hamara, M Terschanski, F Mertens, D Bossini, M Cinchetti, L McKenzie-Sell, J Patchett, D Petit, R Cowburn, JWA Robinson, J Barker, C Ciccarelli
​Applied Physics Letters 119, 032401 (2021)​


98. Nanoscale Domain Wall Engineered Spin-Triplet Josephson Junctions and SQUID
E Bhatia, A Srivastava, J Devine-Stoneman, N Stelmashenko, Z Barber, JWA Robinson, K Senapati
Nano Letters 21, 3092-3097 (2021)


97. Pure Spin Currents Driven by Colossal Spin–Orbit Coupling on Two-Dimensional Surface Conducting SrTiO3
Mi-Jin Jin, D-S Um, K Ohnishi, S Komori, N Stelmashenko, D Choe, J-W Yoo, JWA Robinson*
Nano Lett. 2021, 21, 15, 6511–6517 (2021)


96. ​Boosting spintronics with superconductivity
G Yang, C Ciccarelli, JWA Robinson
APL Materials 9, 050703 (2021)


95. Growth, strain and spin orbit torques in epitaxial NiMnSb films sputtered on GaAs
N Zhao, A Sud, H Sukegawa, S Komori, K Rogdakis, K Yamanoi, J Patchett, JWA Robinson, C Ciccarelli, H Kurebayashi
Physical Review Materials 5, 014413 (2021)

94. Tunable critical field in Rashba superconductor thin-films
LAB Olde Olthof, J Weggemans, G Kimbell, JWA Robinson, X Montiel
Physical Review B 103, L020504 (2021)
93. Unveiling unconventional magnetism at the surface of Sr2RuO4
Rosalba Fittipaldi, Roman Hartmann, Maria T Mercaldo, Sachio Komori, Anders Bjørlig, W Kyung, Y Yasui, T Miyoshi, LAB Olde Olthof, Palomares Garcia, V Granata, I Keren, W Higemoto, A Suter, T Prokscha, A Romano, C Noce, C Kim, Y Maeno, E Scheer, B Kalisky, JWA Robinson, M Cuoco, Z Salman, A Vecchione, A Di Bernardo
Nature Communications 12, 5792 (2021)
92. Large dispersive interaction between a CMOS double quantum dot and microwave photons
DJ Ibberson, T Lundberg, J Haigh, L Hutin, B Bertrand, S Barraud, C Lee, NA Stelmashenko, JWA Robinson, M Vinet, M Gonzalez-Zalba, LA Ibberso
PRX Quantum 2, 020315 (2021)
91. Magnetic-field-orientation-dependent triplet supercurrents in Josephson junctions with symmetric and asymmetric exchange-spring interfaces
E Bhatia, JM Devine-Stoneman, S Komori, A Srivastava, N Stelmashenko, ZH Barber, K Senapati, JWA Robinson*
90. Superconducting Sr2RuO4 thin films without out-of-phase boundaries by higher-order Ruddlesden-Popper intergrowth
J Kim, J Mun, CM Palomares García, B Kim, RS Perry, Y Jo, H Im, HG Lee, E Kyo Ko, SH Chang, S Chung, M Kim, JWA Robinson, S Yonezawa, Y Maeno, L Wang, and T Won Noh
124185-4192  (2021)
89. Topological valley currents via ballistic edge modes in graphene superlattices near the primary Dirac point
Y Li, M Amado, T Hyart, GP Mazur, JWA Robinson*
Communications Physics 3, 224 (2020) 


88. A Spin Quintet in a Silicon Double Quantum Dot: Spin Blockade and Relaxation
T Lundberg, J Li, L Hutin, B Bertrand, DJ Ibberson, CM Lee, DJ Niegemann, M Urdampilleta, N Stelmashenko, T Meunier, JWA Robinson, L Ibberson, M Vinet, YM Niquet, M Fernando Gonzalez-Zalba
Physical Review X 10, 041010 (2020)


87. Magnetotransport and Magnetic Properties of amorphous NdNi5 thin films  
C Cirillo, C Barone, H Bradshaw, F Urban, A Di Bernardo, C Mauro, JWA Robinson, S Pagano, C Attanasio 
Scientific Reports 10, 13693 (2020) 


86. Tunable pure spin supercurrents and the demonstration of their gateability in a spin-wave device
K-R Jeon, X Montiel, C Ciccarelli, H Kurebayashi, L Cohen, S Komori, M Blamire and JWA Robinson*
Physical Review X 10, 031020 (2020)


85. Transition between canted antiferromagnetic and spin-polarized ferromagnetic quantum Hall states in graphene on a ferrimagnetic insulator
Y Li, M Amado, T Hyart, GP Mazur, V Risinggård, T Wagner, L McKenzie Sell, G Kimbell, J Wunderlich, J Linder, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review B Rapid Communication 101, 241405 (2020) 


84. Two-channel anomalous Hall effect in SrRuO3
G Kimbell, P Sass, B Woltjes, E Kyo Ko, TW Noh, W Wu, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review Materials 4, 054414 (2020)


83. Pulsed laser deposition of superconducting Sr2RuO4 thin films from single crystal Sr3Ru2O7 and pair suppression from mosaic-twist defects
CM Palomares García, A Di Bernardo, G Kimbell, M Vickers, F Massabuau, S Komori, G Divitini, Y Yasui, H Gyeol Lee, J Kim, B Kim, MG Blamire, A Vecchione, R Fittipaldi, Y Maeno, TW Noh, JWA Robinson*


82. Spin-transport in superconductors
K Ohnishi, S Komori, G Yang, K Jeon, L Olde Olthof, X Montiel, M Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Applied Physics Letters 116, 130501 (2020) (Perspective) 


81. Magnetic field tunable superconducting transition in Nb/Co/Py/Nb exchange spring multilayers
E Bhatia, JM Devine-Stoneman, ZH Barber, JWA Robinson, K Senapati
Applied Physics Letters 116, 112601 (2020)


80. Fast gate-based readout of silicon quantum dots using Josephson parametric amplification
S Schaal, I Ahmed, JA Haigh, L Hutin, B Bertrand, S Barraud, M Vinet, CM Lee, N Stelmashenko, JWA Robinson, JY Qiu, S Hacohen-Gourgy, I Siddiqi, MF Gonzalez-Zalba, J. J. L. Morton
Physical Review Letters 124, 067701 (2020) 

79. Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy
C Ciccarelli, H Joyce, JWA Robinson, FN Kholid, D Hamara, S Kar, KR Jeon
Open Access Version
Scientific Video Protocols 10, 32386 (2020)


78. Generating superconducting vortices via spin-orbit coupling
LAB. Olde Olthof*, X Montiel, JWA Robinson*, AI Buzdin 
Physical Review B 100, 220505(R) (2019)


77. Nodal superconducting exchange coupling
A Di Bernardo, S Komori, G Livanas, G Divitini, P Gentile, M Cuoco & JWA Robinson*
Nature Materials 18, 1194–1200 (2019)

76. Niobium diselenide superconducting photodetectors
GJ Orchin, D De Fazio, A Di Bernardo, M Hamer, D Yoon, AR Cadore, I Goykhman, K Watanabe, T Taniguchi, JWA Robinson, RV Gorbachev, AC Ferrari, RH Hadfield
Applied Physics Letters 114, 251103 (2019)

75. Observation of superconducting gap spectra of long-range proximity effect in Au/SrTiO3/SrRuO3/Sr2RuO4 tunnel junctions
MS Anwar, M Kunieda, R Ishiguro, S Lee, LAB Olde Olthof, JWA Robinson, S Yonezawa, T Noh, Y Maeno
Physical Review B 100, 024516 (2019)


74. Long-range triplet proximity effect in multiply connected ferromagnet-superconductor hybrids
AV Samokhvalov, JWA Robinson*, AI Buzdin
Physical Review B 100, 014509 (2019)


73. Local measurement of magnetic phase transitions in thin film manganites using nanodiamond magnetometry
L Stefan, N Gauriot, D Kara, A Di Bernardo, JD Beitner, DD Jarausch, L Klintberg, JWA Robinson, HS Knowles, M Atatüre


72. Controlling spin supercurrents via nonequilibrium spin injection
JA Ouassou, JWA Robinson, J Linder
Scientific Reports 9, 12731 (2019) 

71. Anomalous anisotropic behaviour of spin-triplet proximity effect in Au/SrRuO3/Sr2RuO4 junctions
M Anwar, M Kunieda, R Ishiguro, S Lee, JWA Robinson, C Sow, S Yonezawa, T Noh, Y Maeno
Scientific Reports 9, 15827 (2019)

70. 3D strain-induced superconductivity in La2CuO4+δusing a simple vertically aligned nanocomposite approach
E-M ChoiA Di BernardoB ZhuP Lu, H Alpern, KHL Zhang, T Shapira, J Feighan, X Sun, JWA Robinson, Y Paltiel, O Millo, H Wang, Q Jia, JL MacManus-Driscoll
Science Advances 5, eaav5532 (2019)


69. Fraunhofer patterns in magnetic Josephson junctions with non-uniform magnetic susceptibility
B Börcsök, S Komori, A Buzdin, JWA Robinson*
Scientific Reports 95616 (2019)



68. Abrikosov vortex nucleation and its detrimental effect on superconducting spin pumping in Pt/Nb/Ni80Fe20/Nb/Pt proximity structures
K-R Jeon, C Ciccarelli, H Kurebayashi, LF Cohen, S Komori, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Physical Review B 99, 144503 (2019)


67. Low-impedance superconducting microwave resonators for strong coupling to small magnetic mode volumes
L McKenzie-Sell, J Xie, C Lee, JWA Robinson, C Ciccarelli, JA Haigh
Physical Review B 99, 140414(R) (2019) 


66. Chirality-controlled spontaneous currents in spin-orbit coupled superconducting rings
JWA Robinson*,  AV Samokhvalov, AI Buzdin
Physical Review B 99, 180501(R) (2019) 


65. Effect of Meissner screening and trapped magnetic flux on magnetization dynamics in thick Nb/Ni80Fe20/Nb trilayers
K-R Jeon, C Ciccarelli, H Kurebayashi, LF Cohen, X Montiel, M Eschrig, T Wagner, S Komori, A Srivastava, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Physical Review Applied 11, 014061 (2019)

64. Spin transport parameters of NbN thin films characterised by spin pumping experiments
K Rogdakis, A Sud, M Amado, C Lee, L McKenzie-Sell, K Jeon, M Cubukcu, MG Blamire, JWA Robinson, LF Cohen, H Kurebayashi
Physical Review Materials 3, 014406 (2019)
arxiv: 1901.05753


63. Exchange-field-enhanced superconducting spin currents
K-R Jeon, C Ciccarelli, H Kurebayashi, LF Cohen, X Montiel, M Eschrig, S Komori, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Physical Review B 99, 024507 (2019)


62. International network to explore novel superconductivity at advanced oxide superconductor/magnet interfaces and in nanodevices
JWA Robinson*
Impact 2018, 37-44 (2018)


61. Magnetic exchange fields and domain wall superconductivity at an all-oxide superconductor / ferromagnetic insulator interface
S Komori, A Di Bernardo, AI Buzdin, MG Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review Letters 121, 077003 (2018)
Supporting research data

60. Synthetic antiferromagnetic coupling between ultra-thin insulating garnets
J Gomez-Perez, S Vélez, L McKenzie-Sell, M Amado, J Herrero-Martín, J López-López, S Blanco-Canosa, L Hueso, A Chuvilin, JWA Robinson, F Casanova
Physical Review Applied 10, 044046 (2018)


59. Large spin-mixing conductance in highly Bi-doped Cu thin films
S Ruiz-Gómez,y A Serrano, R Guerrero, M Muñoz, C González-Ruano, I Lucas, M Foerster, L Aballe, J F Marco, M Amado, L McKenzie-Sell, A Di Bernardo, JWA Robinson, MA González Barrio, A Mascaraque, L Pérez
APL Materials 6, 101107 (2018)
arxiv:1806.01394 (2018) 

58. Enhanced spin pumping into superconductors provides evidence for superconducting pure spin currents
K-R Jeon, C Ciccarelli, A Ferguson, H Kurebayashi, LF Cohen, X Montiel, M Eschrig, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Nature Materials 17, 499-503 (2018)
Open Access Version (Apollo) (2018)

57. Radio-frequency capacitive gate-based sensing
I Ahmed, J Haigh, S Schaal, S Barraud, Y Zhu, C-M Lee, M Amado, JWA Robinson, A Rossi, J Morton, MF Gonzalez-Zalba
Physical Review Applied 10, 014018 (2018)  

56. Quantifying the spin Hall angle and spin diffusion length in niobium from spin-pumping-induced inverse spin-Hall effect
K-R Jeon, C Ciccarelli, H Kurebayashi, J Wunderlich, LF Cohen, S Komori, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Physical Review Applied 10, 014029 (2018)


55. p-wave superconductivity in single layer graphene on an electron-doped oxide superconductor
A Di Bernardo, O Millo, M Barbone, H Alpern, Y Kalcheim, U Sassi, A Ott, D De Fazio, D Yoon, M Amado, AC Ferrari, J Linder, JWA Robinson*
Nature Communications 8, 14024 (2017)
Supporting research data


54. Electric power transfer from spin pumping 
K Rogdakis, N Alfert, A Srivastava, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire, LF Cohen, and H Kurebayashi
Applied Physics Express 11, 013004 (2017)

53. The Oxford Handbook of Small Superconductors (Ed. by AV Narlikar)
Chapter 14: Superconducting Spintronics and Devices
MG Blamire & JWA Robinson*

Oxford University Press (2017)
ISBN: 9780198738169

52. The Influence and detection of Andreev Bound States in PCAR spectra
K Yates, LAB Olde-Olthof, M Vickers, D Prabhakaran, M Egilmez, JWA Robinson, L Cohen
Physical Review B 95, 094516 (2017)


51. Magnetization-control and transfer of spin-polarized Cooper pairs into a half-metal manganite
A Srivastava, LAB Olde Olthof, A Di Bernardo, S Komori, M Amado, C Palomares-Garcia, M Alidoust, K Halterman, MG Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review Applied 8, 044008 (2017)
Supporting research data


50. Structural properties of thin-film ferromagnetic topological insulators
CL Richardson, JM Devine-Stoneman, G Divitini, ME Vickers, C-Z. Chang, M Amado, JS Moodera, JWA Robinson*
Scientific Reports 712061 (2017)


49. Tm3Fe5O12/Pt heterostructures with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy for Spintronic Applications
A Quindeau, CO Avci, W Liu, C Sun, M Mann, AT Tang, MC Onbasli, D Bono, PM Voyles, Y Xu, JWA Robinson, GSD Beach, CA Ross
Advanced Electronic Materials 3, 1600376 (2017) 

48. The performance of an out of plane triplet superconducting spin valve
Z Feng, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Applied Physics Letters 111, 042602 (2017)

47. Photonic Sorting of Aligned, Crystalline Carbon Nanotube Textiles
JS Bulmer, TS Gspann, F Orozco, M Sparkes, H Koerner, A Di Bernardo, A Niemiec, JWA Robinson, KK Koziol, JA. Elliott, W O’Neill
Scientific Reports 7, 12977 (2017)

46. Magnetic coupling at ferromagnetic rare earth / transition-metal interfaces: A comprehensive study
TDC Higgs, S Bonetti, H Ohldag, N Banerjee, XL Wang, A Rosenberg, Z Cai, JH Zhao, KA Moler, JWA Robinson* 
Scientific Reports 6, 30092 (2016)
Supporting research data

45. Electric control of superconducting transition through a spin-orbit coupled interface
JA Ouassou, A Di Bernardo, JWA Robinson, J Linder
Scientific Reports 6, 29312 (2016)

44. Enhanced localized superconductivity in Sr2RuO4 thin film by pulsed laser deposition
J Cao, D Massarotti, ME Vickers, A Kursumovic, A Di Bernardo, JWA Robinson, F Tafuri, J MacManus-Driscoll, MG Blamire
Superconducting Science and Technology 29, 095005 (2016)

43. Anomalous odd-frequency pairing correlations in Zeeman-split superconductors
J Linder & JWA Robinson*
Nature Scientific Reports (2015)
Open Access Version

42.  Intrinsic paramagnetic Meissner effect due to s-wave odd-frequency superconductivity
A Di Bernardo,  Z Salman, XL Wang, M Amado, M Egilmez, MG Flokstra, A Suter, SL Lee, JH Zhao, T Prokscha, E Morenzoni, MG Blamire, J Linder, JWA Robinson*
Physical Review X 5, 041021 (2015)
Open Access Version
Supporting research data 

41. Signature of magnetic-dependent gapless odd frequency states at superconductor / ferromagnet interfaces
A Di Bernardo, S Diesch, Y Gu, J Linder, G Divitini, C Ducati, E Scheer, MG Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Nature Communications 6, 8053 (2015)
Open Access Version

40.  Inverse proximity effect at superconductor-ferromagnet interfaces
Y Kalcheim, O Millo*, A Di Bernardo, A Pal, JWA Robinson* 
Physical Review B Rapid Communications 92, 060501 (2015)

39. Preface to special topic: Topological Insulators
JS Moodera and JWA Robinson*
APL Materials 3, 083001 (2015)

38. Large superconducting spin valve effect and ultra-small exchange-splitting in epitaxial rare-earth-niobium trilayers
Y Gu, GB Halász, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Physical Review Letters 115, 067201 (2015)
Open Access Version


37. Superconducting Spintronics
J Linder & JWA Robinson*
Nature Physics 11, 307–315 (2015)
arXiv: 1510.00713
Open Access Version

36. Viewpoint: A boost for superconducting logic
JWA Robinson*
Physics 8, 49 (2015) 

35. The interface between superconductivity and magnetism: understanding and device prospects
MG Blamire & JWA Robinson*
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 26, 453201 (2014)


34. Proposal for a phase-coherent thermoelectric transistor
F Giazotto, JWA Robinson*, JS Moodera, FS Bergeret
Applied Physics Letters 105, 062602 (2014)
Open Access Version


33. Magnetic field dependence of the proximity-induced triplet superconductivity at ferromagnet/superconductor interfaces
Y Kalcheim, O Millo, T Kirzhner, G Koren, M Egilmez, A Di Bernardo, MG Blamire, and JWA Robinson*
Physical Review B Rapid Communications 89, 180506 (2014)
Open Access Version


32. Evidence for spin-selectivity of triplet pairs in superconducting spin-valves
N Banerjee, CB Smiet, RGJ Smits, A Ozaeta, FS Bergeret, MG Blamire, JWA Robinson*
Nature Communications 5, 3048 (2014)
Open Access Version
Press releases: Cambridge; and PhysOr


31. Giant triplet proximity effect in superconducting pseudo spin-valves with engineered anisotropy
XL Wang, A Di Bernardo, N Banerjee, A Wells, FS Bergeret, MG Blamire and JWA Robinson*
Physical Review B Rapid Communications 89, 140508(R) (2014)
Open Access Version


30. Pure second harmonic current-phase relation in spin filter Josephson junctions
A Pal, ZH Barber, JWA Robinson, MG Blamire
Nature Communications 5, 3340 (2014)

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